29 September 2008

A State With Which You Should Avoid Messing

We rode into New Mexico on Saturday, staying the night outside St. Joseph's Church (the name of the church I attended as a child in the suburbs of Rochester, NY) in Lordsburg. We passed over the Continental Divide the next day and spent the night in Deming, eating burritos with too much salsa for dinner. We are in a library in Las Cruces now, and we will be getting into Texas tomorrow, starting a 1000-mile fun festival through the state. We will do our best to reenact the entirety of No Country for Old Men.

Maybe at some point I'll get a chance to put up pictures. Michael has a decent camera, so most of the photos have come from him. Be patient or something.

Also forthcoming are route details. Be patient or something.


Jon Bois said...

Has the bike held up okay? How many tubes have you blown through so far? Lastly, do you inflate them by stopping at gas stations, and/or bringing a pump/CO2 with you?

gw, ac

Adam said...

I had my first flat two days ago in Van Horn, TX, on Day 16. It was really sad.
I just patched it up and filled it with my pump, one of which each of us carries.