16 September 2008

Bicycle Info[rmation]

For those of you who are curious, here is my bike, the 2008 Jamis Aurora.

If you want to read about the specs, you can do so here. I did swap out the pedals with clips with some Shimano M520 clipless pedals (this is the first time I've ridden with clipless pedals, and I was surprised my ride home from the shop yesterday didn't find me forgetting to unclip at a red light and fall over) and the seat with a Brooks saddle.

but adam u said u were vegun what r u doin with a leather seat???? heh looks like ive cornered you with another conundrum. see u at black angus... ur buyin

Well, no. This Brooks saddle came with the Schwinn I bought used back in Chicago. When I purchased it awhile back, I knew nothing about bikes and wasn't really paying attention to the fact that it was a leather seat. In buying this saddle used, I was not creating any new demand for leather and not supporting the industry. This same logic is used by people who identify as vegans but eat non-vegan food they find in dumpsters (sometimes called "freegans").
But maybe Black Angus has some wicked good iceberg lettuce or something.