25 September 2008

Slow and Steady Wins Nothing

It has been slow-going so far, but that is mainly due to the mountains and desert we have hit. Because towns are infrequent through the desert, it is harder to just go as long as we want in a day, as filling up water is an issue. We need to start biking at dawn and wait out the early afternoon sun. So through eight days, we've only averaged about 60 miles a day. This will probably pick up once we make it into Texas (possibly early next week).

Some places we've slept

-outside a church
-outside a bar
-outside a fire station
-inside an empty home of a woman who randomly asked us at a gas station if we needed a place to stay

Some things we've eaten, all of which were great
-french fries, guacamole, and salsa wrapped in a tortilla
-several kinds of beans straight from the can with the lid turned up
-fruit bars that are at least a month past the "best if used by" date
-I dunno I guess some peanut butter maybe

Among the three of us, the person in the most rotten mood tends to be the person hauling Burley, especially if we're going uphill.

k gonna go now bye

1 comment:

Isaiah said...

You know what else wins nothing? Being Florida with 3:28 left and a PAT to make in order to tie OLE MISS.

Ha. Gator bait.