05 November 2008

Photographic Evidence Part 2

Here are a few crappy pictures I took with my crappy camera. The good ones come from Michael's camera, so we'll just have to wait for that.

Click on them to enlarge.

Riding away from the Pacific on Day 1

The "hogs," if they were motorcycles and we were a buncha dudes in mid-life crises

Burley relaxes

Katherine looks back at the mountains that will no longer worry us

Burley teaming up with inclines is not very fun

Waitin' in the shade

Chef Michael chefs open a can so he can chef out some cheffy goodness

hello im a toy

rip scoot ur the joker

Another coversation about how much they hate getting photographed

Katherine rides through some pecan trees

It turns out Texas is kind of big

This might be the best thing I've ever seen written in cement

The difference between Michael and me as photographers

The correct answer is "OO"

Michael uses what he remembers from Magic College to help me take a picture over my shoulder while biking

The ferry off Dauphin Island in Alabama

Some nice bike lanes

Obvious joke!

The sign didn't work as much as talking to people did

The best postcard I've ever taken part in writing

Again, when Michael is able to get all his photos together, I'll post more of those. Be patient.