27 August 2008

When: Gimme a Length of Trip

The trip will start on September 16, 2008 (or the 17th if we run into some pre-trip snags). I predict we'll be traveling at a rate of about 70 miles a day. With about 3200 miles to be covered, we are looking at a trip that will last between six and seven weeks, meaning we will probably end sometime in early November.

N.B. When I am on the road, my ability to get on the World Wide Information Superhighway will be limited, but whenever I happen upon a public library with access to the WWIS, I will do my best to update this.

Have you donated yet?


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam. Do you plan to vote early or absentee?

Adam said...

I am planning on that, actually, and I am encouraging my riding mates to do the same.
Hey, is Mondale going to be on the ballot this year? That whole "Where's the Beef?" thing still slays me. (No wonder he won Minnesota.)