20 December 2008

Where We Slept in Googlox Maps

Part 1
Part 2

The directions on there are not necessarily the roads we took. These are just to show where we were each night.

Donation Roundup

PayPal Donations
Total: $672.51
# Donations: 22
Amount PayPal took away: 0.029*$672.51 + 22*$0.30 = $26.10
Amount CPT got: $646.41

FirstGiving.com Donations
Total: $50.00
# Donations: 2
Amount FirstGiving took away: 0.075*$50 = $3.75
Amount CPT got: $46.25

Cash Donations
Total: $45.00
Amount CPT got: $45.00

Check Donations
Total: $1,255.00
Amount CPT got: $1,255.00

TOTAL: $1992.66

I could say, "Man, why couldn't I have reached $2000?" Our base-10 numbering system, however, is completely arbitrary, so whatever. Maybe I'll send them a check for $8.00.

27 November 2008

Some Call It Hot

As you stare at your turkey, I hope the picture of my flexed leg at its muscliest cannot leave your mind.

Happy Overconsumption Day 1 of 2 for 2008, everybody.

20 November 2008

Photographic Evidence Part 4

At long last, selected pictures from Michael's camera. Thanks for dealing with all these, friend.

Click to enlarge, but note that I didn't realize how much resolution I was actually removing when I was shrinking them down in size. I apologize for a lot of these being so blurry.


Launching pad at Anna's house in San Diego

Making sure all important colors are represented in her bungee cords

It comes with a free abacus

"This cover will certainly help that one day we get rained on during the trip."

"What's the matter? Mommy not here to dress ya?"

The view from the Pacific

Burley dips first

Katherine blah blah

yeah yeah another one

Michael is afraid of water

We are ready to fight

Katherine remembers she forgot to turn off every single appliance in her house

Back when I was scared of the interstate

The Little Staircase That Could

Sunrise or sunset

"Okay, now the most important thing to remember is to not mention on your résumé that you came to this workshop."


The reason for such slow response time by the Holtville Fire Department

What we saw for most of three states


"Home of President John McCain, the National Unicorn Rodeo, and the Leprechaun Beauty Pageant"

Sloppy Joes and alphabet pasta

Out to dry

Katherine, are you BTLing here? Please let me know.

"Well, guys, we finally made it... the Atlantic Ocean!"

The answer to that question is "no"

Ever since Never Let Me Down, Katherine just hasn't been a fan

Katherine rides toward the camera

I was going make a joke about Katherine being a villain from the original Batman television show with Adam West (due to the crooked camera), but maybe one person would get that

New Mexico

"Hoping We'll One Day Be Called 'Mexico' and Mexico Will Be Called 'Old Mexico'"

Flat-Fixing 101: Locating the Puncture

Flat-Fixing 102: Which Faces to Make

Sorry, veganism, but I think all these things deserve to die in a fire

Still waiting on those caption submissions for this picture, kids!

bikez rule carz drool end of story

The border patrol sneaks up on Katherine

Both Katherine and Michael got a picture like this. I didn't want to stop and get eaten by the locusts. RIP Michael and Katherine

Someone please think up a worse caption than, "It's always important to wash your vegetables before consuming them"

Sometimes Michael gets his picture taken. It's important to include these rare photos.

Katherine helps an injured bird


such a jokester

I remember being really angry at this park, most likely for no good reason

check it out im hangin w/ pecan trees

aw hell naw so am i dude pecan trees are cool



The western-most point of Texas

On our way to the Border Highway for some idiotic reason

Burley is wanted for several bank robberies across Northern Mexico, so this is really as close as he can get to the border

Kamala and Charley in El Paso

Street and Melloy show us what guns do (though I wasn't paying attention, so...)

"Man, if I had the gun right now, you'd all be sorry."

Michael is a pretty good shot


Katherine walks in slow motion toward the horizon while this plays

Mexican Mountains


Katherine seems to be good at always riding steadily toward the camera

Dear World Leaders,
Please visit a rest stop on I-10 near Sierra Blanca, Texas. You might find something there that could be very beneficial.

Maurice, our oft-encountered British companion

Katherine practices riding away from the camera


this picture isnt very realistic i mean come on there arent any spokes on the wheels first of all and the angles are all messed up dude did you even pass art class in middle school

"Larger than Life" Liz R summed up pretty well

Everyone in Marfa sits around and debates which is the better movie: Alien or Aliens

Most of West Texas

Waiting for Michael to take the picture already

One of the papercrete houses under construction by Guil in Marathon

Another bad caption: "Katherine asks for directions"

The goat that thought it was a dog but would probably still eat a can

Makeshift birthday cake

The bridge under which we slept

we enjoy football without katherine

we enjoy football without michael

we enjoy football without adam

Probably being loud and obnoxious on the bus in Austin

John S shows us his soil project at UT

"Hey, did I show you my soil proj-"

Dear Clif,
Please send us free stuff.

Banana + Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chips = ???

Chain cleaning after a day of rain

Porch sleeping in Warrenton

This trip occasionally had bicycle-riding

"The correct answer is YOU"

Michael enjoys a nice day away from the office

After three weeks in the state, it was great to see this broken sign on the way out


No sign welcomed us

hey wow we're eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

This is funny because w

Hitching a ride across a bridge with no shoulder


It's important to note the gross bike shorts tan line

Waiting out the rain

Yeah, I don't know, either

While I don't remember exactly what was going on when this was taken, it's safe to assume from the facial expressions that Michael has had enough of my singing

The trees ate Michael :'(


Lunch alongside the Mississippi River

We probably should have removed our helmets while in church

The Crossin' the Mississippi East-to-West Shuffle

Birds in New Orleans

Read the door

One mode of transportation we didn't get to utilize on the trip


"It's too bad they don't have a 'Welcome to Mississippi' sign. I guess we'll have to settle for this."

"Aw, for the love of..."

The Gulf of Mexico

A safe way to cross over the bridge


I'm starting to think we're not welcome in these places

oh look at how short of a state this is


Number of tries to get this: 3

It started to get cold

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is a bad thing(?)

"Oh, you're going on a little walk? How cute. Like around the block or..."


Markus, the German cyclist, with his Rubik's Cube

Par for the course for gas stations in most of Florida

Waiting for food in Reggae Shack, one of the lone bright spots of Gainesville. Also, I'm 14 years old


"Spin the middle side topwise. Topwise!"

The last of Katherine's gross papaya chunks she had been putting off eating since central Texas

We made it


Katherine, ignoring the words of Sean Connery, fails to wait for the tides to be right

Michael's a rocker. He rocks out.

Burley is not forgotten

"Okay, so we'll take a few pictures with the three of us. Let's just stand here, because there's really no way the water is going to get to us here."

"Aw, for the love of..."
(note: this was not planned)

The bikes and Burley look out to the Atlantic and ponder what they have just accomplished

Watching election results

"It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to... Wait... That guy in the hotel room in Florida... Is he sleeping? Wow, he's going to regret missing this speech."

I made a conscious effort to not smile for this picture. What a jerk.

Okay that's it.