30 October 2008

Clang Clang Clang Went the Bike Wheel

Pulling into Ponce de Leon, FL, the war of Man vs. Nature had another ugly battle when I ran over a stick. The stick got angry and decided to break three of my front wheel's spokes. The plan now is to hitch a ride 100+ miles to Tallahassee, get it fixed, then bike out west to meet Michael and Katherine on Saturday to make up the mileage.

Here in Ponce de Leon, I met William and Laetitia, two young people from France who are walking from Miami to the southern tip of Argentina. They have walked all over the world, but they need to do the Americas. Their website can be found here.

Under the suggestion of my friend, I am going to throw a car battery into the ocean when I get there to level the war for our side.

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